fallWorking with good causes or charities

Everyone has favourite good causes or charities.  Ali Unlimited was set up because of a strong background in the third sector. Valuable contacts were made through extensive networking, however I was often left thinking: “Why isn’t this business talking to that business?”  Similarly: “Why doesn’t this person connect with that person and try x or y?”  Self-promotion and making connections is where many third sector businesses fall short and this is where Ali Unlimited helps.

Good causes are not necessarily a charity

Ali Unlimited recognises that there many good causes and not all of them are charities.  This includes community projects, village halls, community shops and events such as summer fetes.  Despite their importance to local people, they are numerous and rely on volunteers.  It is difficult for many of them to thrive, let alone grow in our tough economic climate.

Good causes, whatever their nature, and charities give SMEs the opportunity to engage with their local communities.  Sometimes, it is as easy as having a collection box on the counter.  There are tax-efficient ways of offering time and money.  Check if your business has a natural connection to a charity or good cause – a building company may put up a much-needed fence, for example.  Sponsorship is another easy way of helping without eating into too much of your time.  Not everything in life is about making money (though that’s important too!)

In conclusion, if you want to take it further, Ali Unlimited’s knowledge and experience can make it easy for you.  Just remember to be selective about who your support.  There are so many charities and good causes, it’s impossible to support them all.  Charity really does begin at home.  It’s an excellent way to connect with your own community while raising the profile of your business.

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