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I wanted to share some useful tips about Facebook and how to use it for positive promotion within your business.

Facebook is a modern phenomenon.  It is frequently an integral part of our personal lives and has got a firm grip on business lives as well – mainly as a speedy and effective method for a brand or organisation to communicate with its publics.

The key to using facebook successfully for your business is to know and understand your target market and audience. Grasping who your audience is – its age, interests, demographic, etc means that if you use facebook to communicate your message, you must tailor your posts to speak directly to them in an interesting and engaging manner.  One size will not fit all!

If you want a really good example of getting it right in terms of exposure and reach, I suggest you look at the facebook page for Marmite.  The brand really understands its audience and creates captivating content, which increases its reach exponentially because its audience will like, share and comment.  This in turn allows posts to be shown on friends’ timelines/walls and in some cases causes posts to go viral.  This kind of positive exposure is excellent for any company’s profile.

Additionally, the brand uses facebook to exploit and increase Marmite’s presence organically by taking current and popular events and making them relevant to their product.  For example, on Shrove Tuesday, Marmite posted a picture of a pancake with Marmite on it and a pot of Marmite with a kitchen as the background with the comment: ‘Can’t believe it’s  Pancake Day again. It just crêped up on me…’ this one post got 1,705 likes, 151 comments and 411 shares. Wow!  How powerful is that for your business?

If you want to create compelling facebook content, you need to follow FIVE main principles – and stick to them.

  • Be authentic – share what you are really interested in and genuinely excited about.  Give your posts a personal “voice”, so that they feel and sound like you are really saying the words.
  • Be responsive – make sure that you reply to everyone who interacts with you on facebook, even if their post is not positive. Remember, this is primarily a social media platform, so you need to make sure that you reply to everyone just as you would in person. If you need more time to reply to a post let them know that you need more time before you get back to them with an answer – and then MAKE SURE YOU DO!  No-one likes to feel that they have been fobbed off or ignored.
  • Be consistent – the more regularly you post, the more engagement you will get from your audience and the more your page likes will increase. Setting a schedule to post, or using scheduling software can help to keep your posts consistent.
  • Do what works – take notice of which posts get the most engagement and then replicate them.
  • Make successful posts into successful promotions; if you see that a post gets a lot of engagement, promote it so that it has more reach.

Keep your posts current and engaging to your audience; this will broaden your reach.  And that is how you use facebook effectively to promote your business.

Ali Unlimited joining up the dots ….  I’ll be busy working on your business while you are busy working in your business.

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