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Can I hear you saying “when did you last look at what you had written in your Twitter bio”? Is your Twitter bio still relevant, focused on your business goals, interesting, informative, and possibly with some humour? Your Twitter bio is one of your best opportunity to impress potential followers, introduce them to your business, let them know why they should follow you, and to really stand out from the crowd.

The challenge is you only get 160 characters to do this. You will need to be brief and use your words wisely. Every letter needs to count. I personally don’t like to see text abbreviated in the bio e.g. some people may use ‘ur’ instead of ‘you are’ although I would find you’re acceptable!

Here are my two top tips to impress followers and take your all important bio to the next level:


People who follow you on Twitter, will do because of who you are and what you actually do. Even if in your research you discover it’s cool to be creative and sound clever in your bio, you also need to be accurate and differentiate yourself from others in your field go work.

Its good to keep your message crisp, interesting, as well as informative, you may find you don’t need to use all 160 characters.


Google is constantly scanning your Twitter bio. In order to improve search visibility you need to include your business’ primary keywords. So for me who offers business support including administration support and social media to help you raise the profile of your business, its imperative that works like ‘Business support’, ‘Outsourcing’, ‘Administration’, ‘Social Media including the obvious Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus’ in the text.

Think about what your target market as well, search for and incorporate those words to make your business description grab the attention of potential clients. For me it would be phrases like “not enough hours in the day’, ‘not enough time to complete all that necessary business admin’, ‘cost effective to outsource the time consuming job leaving you free to……’ .

Also, make sure that your bio connects you with your followers and potential clients, say something about yourself making you human and interesting. I might put something like ‘keeping fit is important to me’, ‘keen golfer’. You can also include a hashtag, for me it might be ‘keen #golfer’ and you can also add a link to your website, or a blog you want to tweet about.

I’d love to hear from you if you try out these tips in your #Twitter bio. Please do click on the comment button and let me know your thoughts



Alison Penfold

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Dee - 3 years ago

A great reminder to update the Twitter bio. Thanks Ali!

It is one of these things we tend to set and forget. Out of sight and out of mind and all that………

I know mine is not up to date

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