The Digital Revolution are you a part of it ….

I don’t know about you, but almost every conversation I have, whether business or pleasure, eventually touches on the online community. This is so frequent that we don’t even really think about the fact that even 10 years ago we would have thought we were discussing cutting edge technology. “I bought them online from a designer”, “I voted online”, “I googled it”, “I got my phone fixed through my provider’s website”, “I complained on the company’s website”, “someone on my facebook page recommended her”, “I got my contract through a LinkedIn contact”. Nowadays, people of all ages, young and old, expect to be able to access information instantly, to get a response instantly, to buy instantly. We’re all available, all the time.

Or are we? I heard an astonishing fact on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the other day. Dido Harding, CEO of the Talk Talk Group, and a key speaker at this year’s Institute of Directors’ Annual Conference told the programme that a third of SMEs and Charities don’t have basic online skills, despite the fact that: “Every business is going to be transformed by the digital revolution”. Backing her up is Martha Lane Fox, Chair of Go ON UK and entrepreneur extraordinaire, who claims that: “The digital economy accounts for over 8 percent of GDP, greater than education or construction . . . but not by SMEs and charities in the UK. Just 18%of firms and charities allow customers to purchase products, services or make only 18 per cent of SMEs and charities allow customers to purchase products, services or make donations from their website”.

That’s a huge slice of money. How can you get a share of it?
It’s clear that if you don’t get involved with the digital revolution, you’ll lose out and eventually you’ll be left behind. Be reassured that it doesn’t have to be difficult, even if you’re a business or charity that’s an SME with an emphasis on the “S”. Ali Unlimited can help you be a part of it by doing the work for you.

Alison Penfold

Joining up the dots for you ..... often creating calm out of chaos.