Fundraising for charities

Many high-profile charities benefit hugely from legacies and significant donations.  Local charities putting their hearts and souls into fundraising are often not supported by the communities they directly benefit.  Ali Unlimited worked for a local cancer charity and immediately saw the gap.

Ali Unlimited is delighted to be working with local charities that help and support local people, their families and friends.  Examples include:

  • Wessex Cancer Trust  which supports anyone whose life has been affected by cancer, whether patient, family member or carer.
  • PSP is a degenerative, life-limiting, progressive disease that robs the patient of eye sight, the ability to walk and talk.  These are just a few of the symptoms.

From time to time I send out JustGiving links, highlighting the next personal challenge I will undertake.   So far, I walked 100K of the Thames Path, where the distance was the challenge.  I  walked 26 miles of the Monopoly Board Challenge around the streets of London – pavement-bashing certainly made me realise how much I value my knees and hips.  It was very hard going.  I also overcame a fear of being out of my depth in water to swim a mile of the Thames.  I urge you to visit the page and give whatever you can.

Please don’t ask me to jump out of a perfectly serviceable aeroplane as I’m afraid of heights!  However, I’m up for lots of other endurance challenges.  I believe it’s good to get out of your comfort zone now and again.

Hence, any charity can approach Ali Unlimited for support and help with fundraising; it is my belief that all charity begins at home, and there is nothing closer to home than your own community.


Maialisa / Pixabay