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Stick to the rules with these LinkedIn tips

Its all very well researching what you can do with LinkedIn but often the things we forget are the things that are frowned upon so here are 10 short tips to help you. Think of LinkedIn as a huge database or a research tool for job-seekers and to help develop your business. Linked-In is definitely both of those things. You could think of Linked-In as an online public area where people can post billboards about themselves and their services.

LinkedIn tips

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You could also think of Linked-In as a networking event that happens online with no time restraints, so it never sleeps! You don’t want to be viewed as or labeled a rude networker, so be careful not to overstep the bounds of politeness on LinkedIn. Here are my top 10 tups for you:

  1. Never send someone a connection invitation and then, the minute they join your network, send them a request for them to introduce you to someone they know. There is no better way to signal “You’re just a means to my end!”
  2. Please don’t ask people beyond your dear close friends to endorse your skills on Linked-In, that includes  writing to them to say “I’ve endorsed your Skills – now you endorse mine!’
  3. Don’t send someone a connection invitation simply in order to write to them a few days later to ask about job opportunities at their company. They will tell you “Look at the company website.” That could have been your first move — that, or researching the organization in order to identify your particular hiring manager and send him or her a pain letter
  4. If you’re a Business Development person, don’t send someone a connection invitation merely in order to then inundate them with sales information the minute they join your network.
  5. Don’t use an InMail when you have a mutual connection and could ask your mutual connection person for an introduction, its so much better then a InMail which is really the equivalent to a cold call telephone call. What else are you going to use the introductions option for?!
  6. Please don’t view your first line connection list of contacts, then email everyone on it and say “We have Ali Penfold  in common –  can we talk!”. Just ask Ali Penfold for an introduction, instead?
  7. Don’t invite people to connect with and then add their email address to your newsletter subscriber list. You need to build a relationship.
  8. When you’re job-hunting, wait until you get to the end of the process before inviting the people you met during the job interviews to connect with you on  Linked-In. If you get the job, they’ll  be your colleagues and if you don’t get the job you will have egg on your face.
  9. Don’t assume that everyone in your first line of contacts is hoping to become a referral source for you. You need to stay in touch and ask permission from individual contacts before sending your business messages into their Linked-In inboxes.
  10. Lastly, remember that everyone has information overloaded and can be overwhelmed on a hourly basis while working. Everyone’s To-Do list is exhaustive. Don’t create extra work by bombarding your contacts or casual business acquaintances with messages/blogs/information that way you stand a better chance of keeping your integrity in tact and keep your connections happy at the same time as being an excellent networker.

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