Social Media

Myths about social media

How much do you say you really know about social media?  The truth is, we are only just beginning to understand its power.

No business can afford to stand by and watch without being involved.  There’s money to be made!  Your business NEEDS social media.

It’s hard to imagine a better all-in-one tool for business owners. When used correctly, it boosts your search engine rankings, allows you to provide better customer service, builds an effective online personality, connects with new business partners, fosters relationships and educates consumers about your business.

The basics of social media are simple: create great content, publish it and share it with your network. Most entrepreneurs leave it at that, but this is only part of the job.  Don’t forget:

  • Your website is your shop window
  • Content must be current
  • Your social media should always point customers towards your website
  • All social media accounts should match the name of the business, ie if a Facebook page is called Ali Unlimited, the Twitter account cannot be Unlimited Ali – it must be consistent

Social media demands time and effort

It is vital to engage with all your customers.  Ignore someone who finds your information valuable or interesting at your peril!  Equally, the opposite is true – address any negative feedback immediately.

Each platform is free.  All it costs you is time – and this is where Ali Unlimited can help.  We get to know you and your business then work up a simple and effective social media programme tailored to your needs.  If you’re going to do it properly, you must keep your information up-to-date, accurate and relevant.  This is what takes time but is critical in order for your business to remain front of mind.

Ali Unlimited will support your business through social media and absorbs the time and effort it needs, while you get on with growing your business.

coffeebeanworks / Pixabay